• Jervis Koo

Removing the Guesswork for Your Marketing Campaigns

Data-driven marketing strategies provide brands with a huge competitive advantage when executed correctly. Data-driven strategies not only give brands control of marketing workflows but also enable innovative marketing ideas and solutions backed by numbers.

Data-driven marketing campaigns are a necessity that modern-day businesses cannot ignore. Gaining actionable insights from analytics and implementing them in real-time is what drives successful marketing campaigns today.

So, what are some of the benefits of using data-driven marketing in 2020?

5 Key Benefits of Data-Driven Marketing in 2020

Personalised Customer Outreach

The ability to create a personalized user experience for customers in your marketing funnel leads to greater ROI on your spending and provides confidence in what campaigns are actually working. Data-driven marketing strategies provide reliable information about target audiences and when leveraging these insights, it can help create highly targeted strategies that boost the overall effectiveness of customer outreach.

Better Product Development

Marketing strategies will not work if the product you're promoting fails to meet customer expectations. With the help of data, brands and companies will be able to distinguish between what works and what doesn’t. Being data-led provides information that helps guide the direction for products and services.

Customer Segmentation and Profiling

Segmenting customers into different lists based on behaviour and interests allows you to reach the right customers with targeted messaging on multiple platforms. Being data-driven also helps with predicting customers’ preferences and enables personalisation for campaigns across multiple channels in real-time.

Easier Marketing Integration

When it comes to leveraging data and analytics, nothing works better than streamlining communications and interactions across multiple data sources. This provides consistency for marketing campaigns and aligning messages to reach prospects at the right place at the right time. Having marketing systems that talk to each other allows you to extend your products and services across multiple channels without breaking a sweat!


Many of the reporting and analytics software businesses use to drive their marketing campaigns are extensively run on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. With these technologies, your data-driven marketing strategies can even be automated. Running data-driven marketing strategies allows you to process huge data sets and still save a lot of time you can spend on other important business operations.

Advanced data analytics and metrics are at your fingertips. There are various tools, both free and paid, that companies are using to understand the marketing behaviour of their customers. The key to improving marketing campaigns is to understand how your customers are engaging with your brand. That’s what data-driven marketing is all about in the digital era.

Implementing these solutions can transform the way you do business. The truth is no matter how good a marketer is, they can’t really perform miracles. If you want to see improvements in your marketing strategy, you’ll have to plan for them. By having an outline of objectives and how you plan to achieve them, implementation becomes easy and that's when you see results.